Press Here Projects is a collaborative studio platform run by Susan Goethel Campbell, used to launch projects and publications that reach beyond typical studio/gallery practice.
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Dirty Pictures: Portraits of Air is an ongoing, unscientific project that focuses on the movement and quality of air around the world. Using funds from a Kresge Artist Fellowship, the project began in 2009 with the disbursement of twenty-four 8 x 10" air filters to people in seven countries, including 14 locations within the U.S. Each participant in the project was asked to place the filter in a location of their choosing so it could pick up particulates in the atmosphere. The project documenting the filters and their placements was published in vol. 1 of the zine "Dirty Pictures: Portraits of Air" in November 2010.

New Air Portrait projects have been have sponsored by SP Weather Station, an artist run weather station in Queens, NY, and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust in conjunction with the Breathe Project in Pittsburgh. They can be viewed at and